Visual Basic Control Creation Edition

Visual Basic Control Creation Edition 5.0

Visual Basic Control Creation Edition is software for creating ActiveX controls
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Visual Basic Control Creation Edition is development software for creating ActiveX controls.
These ActiveX controls, very useful for the Web users, can be added or deployed within different Windows based applications created with Visual Basic or any other programing environment. The Visual Basic Control Creation Edition is based on the ActiveX Control Framework, recently presented. The created controls are reusable objects, similar to OCX components, and can be widely used in products developed in Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Borland Delphi environments. Very useful to be deployed in products such as Internet browsers, Microsoft Access, Adobe Photoshop, etc. over host that admit ActiveX controls.

The ActiveX controls can be used along with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or later. They cannot be used with database objects and the Visual Basic CCE application doesn't allow the user to compile executable programs. For getting executable applications, user must rely on Visual Basic development tools, such as VB5 or VB6 to compile them and get an *.EXE program.

ActiveX Controls, as software components, coexist with Java, plugins, HTML, etc. in the Web environment, so they can be be use as interactive contents over the Web or other networks for including multimedia effects, since they are downloaded and executed over the Internet in real time and embedded in web pages.

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  • Very useful tool and easy to follow through for crating ActiveX controls


  • The application doesn't derectly allow to create executable programs
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